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  • Teen classes

    Action Teens

    This program is a scaled-down version of our adult class that trains actors to be action stars! 

    Your teen, (ages 13-17) will meet every other Saturday from 10:30-1:30. They will study all of the things that our adult students study: Shakespeare, Acting styles, Tactical training, Krav Maga, On-Camera, Swords and Improv!  They’ll work alongside skilled teachers that are currently working …

  • Online Courses

    Fighting for Film w/ Marvel’s Chris Brewster

    2-day class Oct 10th-11th from 12-3pm EST

    Complete your superhero arsenal with an action movement course, taught by Chris Brewster.  Learn the moves and combinations used in every superhero film and television show.  From proper stances, to dynamic punches and kicks, even how to properly (and safely) take reactions.  This class will give you the tools to rock out any action …

  • Online Courses

    Improv Masterclass: Triangle of the Scene

    4 week class. Starts Thursday Oct 15th: 7-9pm EST

    In this four week class, appropriate for beginners and experienced improvisers alike, veteran improviser and improv teacher Paul Vaillancourt will teach you the approach known as the Triangle of the Scene.  By using this approach, improvisers will become more connected to their character, their partner, and the environment around them.  They will learn …

  • Masterclasses

    Soaring in the Southeast Market

    Oct 19th-21st 7-10pm in person Atlanta, GA

    In this 3-day in person acting Masterclass with Lance Nichols, Lance will give you his tips on how to conquer the SE acting market. The narrative that you MUST be in L.A. or New York to have a successful career as an actor is false.  Establish your career in the Southeast market on network …

  • Online Courses

    Creating Your Pitch Packet, Starts: Oct 11th

    4-week class Sundays  7-9pm EST. Start Date: Oct 11th

    You’ve written your television pilot or you have a great idea for a show and wondering what do I do now? How do I develop this idea? How do I get this made? This workshop focuses on what an original tv show pitch is, learning elements of a pitch packet (logline, characters, …

  • Online Courses

    Sketch 101, Starts: Oct 11th

    This 4-week class will run Sundays  4:30-6:30pm EST. Start Date: Oct 11th

    MADtv, SNL, Key and Peele, Portlandia, the list goes on and on. All of these amazing sketch shows launched the careers of some of the most successful comedians in the industry. You can get your sketch career started right now with MADtv alum Frank Caeti. This class will focus …

  • Online Courses

    Character Dialects w/ Cara Reid Next Date: TBD

    Tuesdays 7-9pm
    Character Dialects is a comprehensive 4 week course that  weaves the elements of dialect work with Uta Hagen’s 6 Steps of Building a Character. This class will teach you how to learn new dialects and incorporate them into your given circumstances leaving you with an overall understanding of how to develop your character’s vocal identity.