Is there an age requirement?

Yes. This is a program for adults. Actors must be at least 18 years of age but are encouraged to be at least 21. 

Is there a ceiling on how old I can be?

No. There is no ceiling on age requirement. 

When will classes be held?

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Downtown Atlanta, GA. Day time classes are from 11am-2pm and evening classes are from 7pm-10pm. 

Can I do just one or 2 classes a week?

No. This program is a commitment and you are expected to attend all classes. 

What is the attendance policy?

Attendance in all classes is mandatory and any absences will be made up on the students own time and perhaps own dollar if private coaching is needed outside. Our goal is to produce working actors so absences will be excused for work in film, television, and theatre as well as auditions on a case by case basis. Self tape auditions are not excused as they can be done on your time and are not a valid reason to miss class. If absences become excessive, it may result in an in person review and potential removal from the program. 

How long is the program?

The program will run for 8 months from September-May. There will be a short winter break as well as a break for Thanksgiving. There will also be an industry showcase at the end of the enrollment year. 

How much is the program?

The program costs $379/month, There is also a $400 registration fee after you are accepted into the program. The registration fee covers your enrollment in all Master Classes for the enrollment year, equipment fees, and end of year showcase costs. 

Are we training to be professional stunt people?

No. While we will have intensive movement programming, we are not a stunt school. We are training actors to be comfortable with action performance but acting is our main goal. If your goal is to be a stunt performer and not an actor, this is not the program for you. 

How do I hold my spot?

After your application has been accepted, go to payments and pay your non-refundable registration fee. Policy and waivers will follow. Please do not submit a registration fee until you have been accepted into the program. This is not an application fee, it is only for students that have already submitted and been invited to join the conservatory.