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  • In Person Class

    Superhero Training Intensive 2021-2022

    M-W 7-10pm. In person and Online.

    This is what it’s all about. The program is an 8 month long conservatory broken into 4 blocks. Each block will include an acting style and a movement/combat based class as well as additional skills. Each block will have a masterclass towards the end of the block. See previous masters page for examples of Masterclasses …

  • In Person Class

    Warrior Training: Get Fit for Film

    7-9 pm Thursday. In person.

    A skills and fitness class for actors. Come join us for a two hour workout every Thursday and start getting physical and learning the skills you need to be the next action star. This class is focused on fitness and is a great way to learn new skills, burn some calories, and get your body (and …