Our Program

The Super Hero Training Center is an 8 month acting intensive program focused on providing actors the skills needed to compete in the ever growing film industry. Our goal is to create well rounded performers with experience in movement, voice, and combat.


Our program focuses on diversifying the skills of our actors to make them more competitive in the ever growing film industry. Our program includes combat, tactical, voice, improv, Shakespeare, and much more. Take a look at our current program.

Our Team

We work with the top instructors in the metro Atlanta area. We believe that actors should be training with professionals so all of our instructors are actively working in TV/Film. Check out our current staff.

Master Classes

We bring in masters from the top acting schools, theatres, and conservatories in the world. We also work with industry professionals to exclusive access to our amazing students. Check out some of past masters and those currently scheduled for the future.

Class Structure

The Super Hero Training Center offered by Yell Studios is a one of a kind program focusing on creating well rounded actors ready to approach all roles. The program focuses on combatives, tactical, voice, improvisation, Shakespeare, script analysis, on-camera, and much more.

What is included?

The program is an 8 month long conservatory.  There are currently two sections of the program being offered: Daytime classes 11-2 and evening classes from 7-10.  Both programs culminate with an end of year showcase in front of top industry officials. 

Daytime Class Schedule

Day 1 – Improvisation+Ballet

Day 2 – Voice+Tactical Movement/Krav Maga (alternating weekly)

Day 3 – Shakespeare/On-Camera (alternating weekly)



Evening Class Schedule

Day 1 – Improvisation+Ballet

Day 2 – Voice+Tactical Movement/Krav Maga (alternating weekly)

Day 3 – Shakespeare/On-Camera (alternating weekly)



Master Class Instructors

At least four times per rotation, we will bring in a master from around the world to teach a full week’s worth of classes. Students currently enrolled in the program will have exclusive access to the Master Classes. In our 2019/2020 rotation, we had masters from NYU Tisch, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. This cost is INCLUDED in your registration fee and monthly price and is only available to current students and alumni of the program! 

Additional Electives

Additional elective classes will be offered throughout the week to help increase the overall skills of our conservatory actors. These electives will be based on interest and are subject to change. Conservatory members and alumni are given first access to electives at a discounted rate. Current elective offerings: Jeet Kune Do, Video Editing, Content Creation, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Voice Over for Video Games and Animation, and Narrative Improvisation.

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Meet Our Team

Andrea Frankle

On Camera Instructor

Matt Clanton

Tactical and Combatives Instructor

Jason Kirkpatrick

Acting Technique

Yvonne Landry

Improv Instructor

Cara Reid

Vocal and Dialect Coach

AJ Gagliardi

Swordfighting Instructor

Sabreena Candreva

TaeKwonDo Instructor

Applications now open for Fall 2020


Hilary Jones

Voice - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

"Thank you again for the opportunity to come and work with your students. They were a joy to work with..."

Christian Grey Moore

Student - Film Actor

"This class is not for the feint of heart but is definitely for the actor looking to make big changes in their world and get training unlike anything else available in Atlanta."

Lane Savadore

Viewpoints Master - EgoPo Theater

"It was fantastic being down there and sharing the work, meeting your students, and watching you create the future!"

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